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pleasantly sweet, featuring honey, orange flowers and fresh picked grapes
peach blossom and apple flavors, soft and delicate
citrus, toasted bread, chamomile flowers, earthy but refined and elegant
light and refreshing, fruit forward with mellow citrus flavors
dry, citrus and blanched almond aromas linger on the palate, medium bodied and refreshing
crisp with distinct earthiness, hint of fruit blossoms and ripe apple with a long finish
silky, fruity and refreshing, medium bodied, aromas of green apples and tropical fruit
notes of pear, lemon cream, and hazelnut
fresh apple and some tropical fruit, medium to full with creamy texture, hand harvested grapes farmed sustainably, barrel fermented, steel age
classic Chardonnay, notes of stone fruit, lemon, hazelnut, star fruit
crisp apple and asian pear fruit, bit of toasty oak echoes on the finish
sweet red pepper, pineapple and earthy flavors
zesty with flavors of grapefruit, passion fruit and lime
fresh herb blossoms, honeydew melon, distinct mineral characteristics and zesty classic finish, sublime with seafood
off dry with apricot and fruit blossom fragrance, perfectly balanced by racy acidity
dry, earthy, floral, peach with balancing acidity and fuller body – great with seafood and finfish
bright, with citrus flavors complimented by refreshing slight effervescence
dry with vibrant lemon, honeysuckle, brine and freshly baked bread notes — classic with shellfish
single vineyard, sweet scents of pear tree flowers, flavors of melon and pineapple with a long harmonious finish
Chenin Blanc grapes, honey and peach flavors creating a full and round balance on the palate
pale gold, lemon peel, quite aromatic, dry, silky, lemon zest finish
“Loss” refers to the soil providing a creamy texture, grapefruit and white peppercorn finish
flavors of citrus fruits, peaches, whisper of spice, long finish — wonderful with seafood
medium sweet balanced by pink grapefruit acidity, citrus peel with sweet baking spic
smooth and soft with pomegranate, wild strawberries and tropical aroma
dry, mostly Grenache, full of soft juicy berry fruit and peppercorn spice delicious with finfish such as tuna, salmon or swordfish
plum and cherry aromas with accents of vanilla and spice, enhanced with a long finish
soft round tannins, with notes of sweet fruits, tastes of plum and black cherry, aged in French oak
sweet earth, leather, ripe black fruits, balanced acidity and velvet tannins, a bit of dark chocolate
plum aroma with cherry and chocolate notes, long finish with flavors of vanilla and spice
medium bodied, with scents of ripe fruit, clove and vanilla, exquisitely well balanced
bright ruby, slight oak, attractive rose aromas, black cherry flavored, soft and seamlessly balance
soft, silky tannins, aromas of blackberry and hints of chocolate,
sweet flavors of vanilla from fine oak
plum aroma with cherry and chocolate notes, long finish with flavors of vanilla and spice
cherry fruit with hint of cedar, clove and spice, silky tannins with a long finish
classic notes of raspberry and cherry with lots of earthiness and lovely toasty oak
delicate garnet, leather, wild berries, medium bodied, clove and vanilla laced finish
delicate, fresh red fruit and candied aromas of strawberry and cherries
medium bodied, fresh raspberry, cherry and sweet oak flavors, round tannins and lively
plum and red berry fruit, medium bodied, bit of spiciness
black peppercorn, plum, ripe olives, earthy, velvet texture… classic Syrah!
fresh fruit aromas and typical licorice from the oak with hints of vanilla, silky, velvety
garnet red, touch of new oak, wild strawberry, vanilla and cream nose, spice laced finish
classic — crushed strawberry, fresh green tobacco leaf, fragrant vanilla and supple mature tannins
mostly Sangiovese, floral, black cherry
rich in flavors of cherry, plum, black currant, cedar and spicy oak with a long finish
violet-ruby color, red plum, roasted meat, fresh sweet earth, soft and ripe finish
dry, full bodied, rich with flavors of black cherry, rose, tobacco…complex and big structure
vibrant red fruit flavors with soft, supple tannins and a memorable finish
* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, fish, and shellfish may increase the risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.
** This item can be cooked as you request or can be cooked to order.