FatFish Bistro

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chicken pork black truffle pate toast points
spanish blue cheese butter sauce
red wine sauce
traditional potato and meat filled pastry
Soppressata ~ Parma ham ~ Chorizo ~ Pepperoni ~ Manchego Cheese ~ herbed Goats Cheese
roasted pepper garlic avocado cilantro puree
horseradish dijon mustard sauce
baked spinach creamy Pernod sauce bread crumb topping
sautéed with garlic lemon olive oil smoked paprika
cold poached salmon and smoked salmon with chive herb lemon mayonnaise wheat cracker
basil mint pesto
aromatic creamy white wine sauce
chorizo white wine parsley garlic
oyster vodka/tomato or tequila/lime
rosemary sauté red pepper
lemon garlic mayo
artichokes tomatoes red onion goats cheese Manchego cheese
crispy potato spicy paprika seasoning garlic mayonnaise
caramelized onion French bread
marinated in extra virgin olive oil
hummus olive tapenade marinated feta baked pita bread
imported lemon orange olive oil
WEST COAST ~ Shigoku and Kumamoto
EAST COAST ~ Stony Brook and Pine Island
fennel apple celery remoulade
1 ⁄2 lobster ~ 2 colossal shrimp ~ mussel salad 4 little neck clams~ 1 king crab leg
brandy fresh lobster
char-grilled flat bread hummus imported olives feta red wine dressing julienne cucumber red onion
arugula grapefruit avocado hazelnuts French blue cheese
salmon fillet roasted cherry tomatoes grilled peppers mixed greens basil olive oil
baby kale chard spinach beets shaved fennel Bartlett pears blue cheese vinaigrette
Murrays Organic chicken breast gorgonzola pancetta avocado cherry tomatoes mixed greens vinaigrette
baby spinach arugula char-grilled eggplant roasted red pepper shaved Manchego cheese lemon olive oil
Parma ham soppressato pepperoni mozzarella arugula balsamic with mixed leaf salad
char-grilled onion roasted peppers taleggio basil mayonaisse with mixed leaf salad
Comte Sainte Antoine cheese roasted tomato tapenade baby spinach whole grain ciabatta bread with mixed leaf salad
chicken cucumber red onion shredded lettuce spiced yogurt sauce with mixed leaf salad
lettuce tomato with fries
leaf lettuce plum tomato pancetta herb mayonnaise with fries
cucumber red onion tomato herb mayonnaise whole grain ciabatta bread with fries
sautéed garlic mushrooms fresh herbs tomato mozzarella cheese rosemary ciabatta with fries
marinated pork loin swiss cheese pickles mustard on a potato poppy seed bun with fries
.50 EACH
Cheese ~ bacon ~ sautéed mushrooms ~ sautéed onions
little neck clams tomatoe concasse zucchini fingerling potatoe white wine extra virgin olive oil
glazed sweet chili sauce leeks pea shoots red onion watercress salad fingerling potatoes
hand cut local fish beerbattered seasonal vegetables thick cut fries
roasted lemon garlic butter sauce fingerling potatoes haricot vert baby carrots

fresh baby arugula roasted peppers sautéed cremini mushrooms garlic basil cream sauce

grilled asparagus spicy sunchokes fresh fish stock chervil herbed butter sauce
roasted cremini mushrooms grilled lemon slow cooked plum tomatoes olive oil thyme rosemary leeks arugula natural jus sauce
goats cheese mozzarella cherry tomato mixed olives fresh herb tomato sauce ( Vegetarian)
herbaceous ratatouille over grilled mascarpone polenta parsley tomato olive oil (Vegetarian)

pancetta cabernet butter sauce potatoes au gratin haricot vert caramelized red onion
char–grilled roasted garlic fingerling potatoes honey baby carrots french beans red wine sauce cremini mushrooms
* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, fish, and shellfish may increase the risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.
** This item can be cooked as you request or can be cooked to order.