FatFish Bistro

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Your choice of three buffet menu options.

Services include: 3 hour event space, white linens & white napkins, and direction cards for your guests
$35.00 per person minimum 25 adult guests
$15.00 per child under 12 (kids under 6 no charge)
plus tax & 18% service charge

Buffet Menu 1

roasted red pepper & rosemary  white wine sauce
mustard herbed encrusted center loin cut  French apple brandy sauce
lemon parsley sauce imported olives
fresh basil tomato sauce
slow cooked plum tomato toasted almonds   cucumber orange italian parsley dressing

Buffet Menu 2

scallion white wine cream sauce
black pepper & garlic thyme rub bordelaise sauce
smoked paprika caramelized red onion & lemon chive dressing
parmigiano reggiano
char-grilled red onion feta cheese red wine & honey vinaigrette

Buffet Menu 3

marinated red pepper olive oil
sweet garlic & fresh thyme merlot sauce
ginger scallion chili sauce
roasted eggplant mushrooms tomato basil sauce ricotta cheese
plum tomato red onion roasted zucchini scallion vinaigrette
mozzarella eggplant parsley vinaigrette
* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, fish, and shellfish may increase the risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.
** This item can be cooked as you request or can be cooked to order.